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  • Exam Prep - Extra Access Set

Do you ALREADY OWN an EXAM PREP and want more practice for that subject?

Each Extra Access set allows you to make 3 separate attempts at an additional randomised timed exams in the Exam Prep module you have already subscribed to. Each of these attempts is different from the others and draws questions from the entire question bank for the subject. This means the generated Extra Access exams will present questions you have already seen in the other four prep exams.  The purpose of the Extra Access module is to give you a chance to practice your exam technique within the time constraints specified by CASA.

Note:   You must have already purchased and completed the online Exam Preps for this subject
before you can purchase Extra Access .  You can ONLY purchase 1 set of extra timed exams at a time

Exam Prep - Extra Access Set

  • $25.00

  • Ex Tax: $22.73

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